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Importance of Toenail Trims

Posted on 29th Jul 2016

       Keeping your pet's health in order should be one of your main priorities. A very important thing to keep up with is your pet's toenails. Their toenails need to be clipped regularly, just like how your nails need to be taken care of too. Like you, your pet’s nails grow constantly, and it is important that you get those long nails taken care of. If you don’t clip your pet’s toenails regularly, they will continue to grow until they curve into your pet’s paws. Their nails will actually keep growing into your pet’s paws, causing them a lot of pain or they may end up splitting into the nail bed. Dew claws are easily forgotten because of where they are on the paw, so be sure to pay close attention to this area of your dog’s toes to prevent overgrowth of their nail. It is important you keep an eye on your pet’s nails to prevent them from getting too long. You should go in for a trim, or trim the nails yourself when your pet’s nails begin to touch the floor. You know it’s time to take care of those long toenails when you hear them tapping on your floors!