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Posted on 11th Aug 2016

             Keeping your dog groomed is very important, it isn’t something to be done just because it makes them look pretty. Although it does make them look good, it also benefits your dog’s health. Taking them in to be groomed allows for them to be checked for abnormalities, such as fleas, ticks, rashes, dry patches, and issues with their eyes, teeth, and nails. It also benefits them by getting rid of any dead hair, dandruff, and dirt. Dog grooming is important for all dogs, small to large, long to short haired. Keeping up with long haired dogs can be a hassle, but it is important because they can suffer from hair matting if they are not groomed properly. When your dog’s hair gets matted up, you can’t just brush it out, and often it is something that needs to be cut out. If you have your dog groomed regularly, you can easily prevent matting. In fact, just brushing your dog at least weekly will spread the natural oils in their fur over their whole body, giving them a healthy sheen.