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Posted on 11th Aug 2016

          Microchipping is important for your pet because it gives them another form of identity. If your pet were to get out and slip their collar off, it would be good to have a another way they can be identified. Putting the microchip in is simple, it is a small chip that is inserted via a syringe between your pet’s shoulder blades. When your pet is picked up by the pound or taken into the shelter, the first thing they do is scan for a microchip. When your pet is scanned, it gives the people in the shelter the information to find/contact you. Microchipping is a more secure way of having identification with your pet 24/7, and it is very helpful when trying to find you. At Murphy Road Animal Hospital we charge $50 for microchipping, but during the month of August we offer $5 off, so if you want to, come get your pet microchipped during the month of August, it is $45.